Enclosed Vehicle Delivery

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Enclosed Vehicle Delivery

A company that can deliver all types of vehicles better know how to deliver precious cars. And RNR Logistics does. Using specially-designed enclosed shipping trailers, trained auto shipping experts can deliver custom, classic, antique and exotic cars to the scheduled location at the right time. We deliver to any destination, from your front door to car shows and special events.

Why Enclosed Car Shipping Trailers?

When it comes to keeping your precious vehicle in perfect condition, don’t settle for anything less than an enclosed car shipping trailer. We provide both hard sided and soft sided enclosed carriers, ideal for protecting vehicles from road debris, dust, and weather. We also offer carriers with hydraulic lift gates designed to keep cars in a horizontal position. Hydraulic lift gates provide superior lifting and handling of the vehicle as it’s being loaded and unloaded..


Whether you’re transporting an exotic vehicle, a classic, or an antique, RNR Logistics can schedule to transport your precious vehicle the proper way. Our expert enclosed car transport service includes special care and customizable services so you get the peace of mind and flexibility you need.

Enclosed car transport recommended for high-end vehicles 

We offer open and enclosed car transportation services. However, most of our clients request enclosed shipping services even though open car shipping has been proven to be much safer. Still, our priority is to satisfy our clients, which is why we provide hard sided enclosed car transport trailers to defend your vehicle from the outdoor elements.