Dealer Trades

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Dealer Trades

RNR Logistics provides fast and affordable vehicle transportation services for auto dealers nationwide. In fact, we have longstanding relationships with hundreds of dealerships that continue to trust our company to safely deliver their properties to the right locations and on time. We are eager to gain your trust, too. With door-to-door service and personalized attention, enjoy the benefits of having your vehicle transported with RNR Logistics.

Let us do the Legwork

Using a professional vehicle transportation company is a wise choice -- we do all the work! With years of experience, we manage the entire transportation process according to your needs as well as the applicable requirements of the destination cities. We book your transport, arrange pickup and delivery, and provide customized services regardless of point of destination or type of carrier. What’s more, we can arrange to transport any size vehicle including oversized trucks and motor homes.

 Enjoy Peace of Mind

When you book your car dealership transport with RNR Logistics, you can rest assured that your vehicle will arrive at the scheduled destination in pristine condition. All vehicles are fully insured, and all dealer trades are handled with the utmost care and attention.

Save time and money when you book your transport with RNR Logistics. In addition to our competitive rates, we offer special car discounts. Book your vehicle transport today or request a quote using the form on our website. If you’re an auto trader or car dealership, please call 888-688-2870 to schedule your vehicle transport today.